Saturday, February 18, 2012

Catching Up

It seems like forever since the last post.This winter was warm and dry till this month. We have gotten some rain and snow in February, enough to get the grasses going but not much up in the mountains for the skiers and the water for Reno.
Stating with Simon and Casey my Livestock Guardians. Simon will be two in April. He is now a solid, calm  sweet heart to those he is introduced to, and a force to be reckoned with for any dog or wild predator on the other side of the fence.
Then there is Casey! She was one year old in December still too young to be trusted with the sheep while she is alone. She's the same height and length as Simon but lacks he's over all bulk and mature brain. She is just starting to learn to walk and keep her head down while moving with the sheep. Until the last few months when she greeted the sheep it was a free for all. She truly loves to be with them but she was treating her wooly friends with what I called "reckless abandon". Like in this picture she thinks life is good, full steam ahead  and if "I love you, I jump all over you."
Sally the emu and the chickens are in full laying mode! The first chicken egg was found on Christmas morning. Merry Christmas to me and now I get 6 to eight eggs a day. My older hens, at least five years old, were to first to lay. Then the new hens, my Easter-eggers followed about a week later.
 I'm proud of the old girls and think the kiefer and alfalfa they get each morning is helping with their good health and the large eggs they've been laying this year!
This coming May our spinning and weaving guild was invited to participate in Reno's first "Living History Faire"  to be held at a park in Reno. The Celtic group in Reno has adopted our guild so we will be setting up with them to form a very large showing at the Faire!
I've been felting hair clips or dreds to sell at the Faire. It feels so good to get back into felting again.
Since people participating at the Living History Faire are encouraged to wear "period" clothing my sweet friend Jo is making us some skirts and blouses with the Celtic look, and for shoes I felted these with some Shetland roving and stuck some of my old Birkenstock sandals inside for arch support!  


Sharon said...

The shoes are neat - will look better than just Birkies. The eggs look like a bowl of gems, very pretty.

Laura said...

Glad to hear all's well. I was just thinking about adding alfalfa to my hens' diet - do you just feed them hay? or rabbit pellets?

I love the hair dreds - they look like a lot of fun!!

~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

It HAS been forever since you posted last! :)
I miss you! I want to come visit and meet Simon and Casey again!

Fiber Floozie said...

Nice shoes and and love the "dreds." Glad to see that the dogs are getting so big. It so cool to hear about the eggs. I want to come out to visit.

Dianne said...

So glad to see a post from you and to see you are well! Sounds like a busy time you've had. Wow to the EMU egg! And the others do look like Easter eggs. Love the shoes you felted too - quite clever!