Wednesday, June 6, 2012

2012 Lambs

This years lambs brought a few awesome surprises!One ewe Oma had triplets this year. That was a first for Desert Peach Farm. No ewe here has had triplets.
In my quest for some splashy colors I breed Stonehaven Cielia to her son Desert Peach Clancy and she had these twins. The ewe is the mostly white lamb. Yuglet, Ilget? (Yuglet markings around her eyes with black spots) and her brother looks like Dad with the Bielset marking around his neck and patches of white. .
A big surprise was when Thunderhead Argentina (gulmoget) bred to Desert Peach Rio (katmoget) had this fancy ewe lamb. I'd say she's gulmoget, yuglet with the pinto spots on her body. Since I've never had such colors I could use some help on how to register her and the other fancy lambs from this year.
Here is Rio a grey katmoget. His father Stonehaven Watson (black)Dam WSR Miryah moorit katmoget.
Then Desert Peach Hazel (black iset) had two ram lambs sired by Rio and this is what I got! The first ram is almost HST only minus the T. HST meaning he should have the white Head, Socks and Tail. Brother below is moorit katmoget.

Pretty little ewe lamb from Desert Peach Vala and Desert Peach Moe.
Rio's dam WSR Miryah bred to  Desert Peach Moe had one of my favorite ewe lambs born this year, Lucy a moorit katmoget. I haven't gotten a good picture of her yet cuz she's always on the move!
Two ewe lambs from Desert Peach Kiko and Clancy. Both will fade to grey like their Mom.


Dianne @ My Southern Heart said...

I love the little lambs! I think my favorite is the one with the white blaze and white socks! Reminds me of a baby calf! ;-)

Sharon said...

They're just so cute. I harden my heart when it comes time to add one to my freezer.