Friday, October 28, 2011

Fall Color

Sumac Trees

Apple tree
Ornamental grass, Virginia Creeper, and the orange color is a native bush. Not sure of it's name but we call it a Logan Berry. It is not a true Logan Berry but it did come from seed out of Mrs. Logan's yard!
A new area all turned, mulched and ready for garlic. If you biggify this picture you can see some red seed packs on the Asparagus plant. 
This picture was taken a few weeks back. The pumpkins are all orange now ready for Halloween.
 Ash tree and an Aspen Tree.
Ornamental grass.
Pretty little dwarf Cedar next to our house.
 Fall Crocus (Colchicum) are great fun. In the spring large green leaves fill their area dieing back in the hot summer. Come this time of year the flowers poop out. They are always a surprise to me.
Hattie and her lovely  moorit ewe lamb Betty. Shaela ewe is Limerick.


Laura said...

I always loved the colors in your yard!

It's been cold here, but we're getting a bunch of hay put in for the critters for the winter.

I like the "logan" berry - would be fun to see if it's edible!

Dianne said...

Lovely photos and beautiful Autumn views! Thanks for sharing...

Sharon said...

Your yard is always pretty, every season of the year. I cannot believe that Limerick hasn't faded at all. Good girl!