Friday, June 17, 2011


This blog post starts with some lambs that were born in May. Oma has two ewe lambs (no picture). They were born May 5th nice looking little black girls.One will fade to grey.
Then on May 18th Kenick had one ram lamb, awesome little black guy with a short tight crimp, and one of my cull ewes with no name had one ram lamb. These lambs are the result of Watson getting out into the ewe's I did not want bred!! And it's just the beginning of another flock of lambs born in June.

Ceilia's ram lamb growing fast. His ram twin, solid black, went to California with Jorga's black ram to be part of Cissy's show string.

Stevie and Artie's ram.

One morning after a night of heavy rain I checked my rain gauge, a red wagon. It had over three inches of water in it. An extreme amount of rain for our area.  And the entire back half of my barn had two to three inches of water and muck! Poor ewe's were all standing around in the dry half. No room to lay down. That morning I fed the ewe's out side. It was still raining a bit but was dryer outside on the hill than in the barn.
Needless to say I spent the better part of the day cleaning out two large piles of wet heavy muck!

Now back to June lambs. Miryah started things off the first of this week with a YUMMY, AWESOME, ram lamb.She did very well being a small yearling who was suppose to wait till this fall to be bred.

Underneath this coppery brown coat is a dark grey, shaela? Or maybe since I see some lighter grey also maybe emsket. Time will tell no matter what he stays! I even gave him a name.
Miryah had her lamb before I went out in the morning on June 11th. In the afternoon I found Charlee with two lambs a ram and a ewe out in the field under the big Poplar trees. Then just before I came in from the evening chores another cull ewe had a ram lamb.
Monday the 13th Bella had one ram (above) and Siskin had two ewe lambs. Note Watson covered six ewe's in one outing!

OK, number six ewe Jilly Bean, another cull who would have been butchered last winter lambed this morning June 17th with one ewe lamb. The great thing about this birth was it is the first time I let the puppy's stay and be with a ewe as she lambed. Both puppy's and the ewe were very relaxed. The sheep are getting use to having the dogs close by and I think the main interest with the puppy's was soon if they wait patiently there would be an after birth as their reward!
Watching the New Baby


Michelle said...

That black and white ram lamb with the almost-heart on his head is quite possibly the most striking lamb I've ever seen!

Laura said...

I agree with Michelle - he's a looker!!

It must be nice for you now that the weather is drying out... I'll the sheep are enjoying it too!

Lois said...

Cielia's ram lamb is gorgeous! What amazing markings...aside from the heart on his head, he is bielset (with that lovely white collar). Well done!

We have been right there with you in the muck...but our cold rainy spring seems to be improving. No rain for the past 5 days ;-)

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous lambs! I am also enthralled by Ceilia's ram lamb- what a striking pattern.

Sharon said...

Fantastic! I'm crossing my fingers for the shaela lamb.

Tammy said...

I agree with everyone else! Love the markings on Celia's ram lamb. So unique--the head marking is echoed in the bielset marking on his neck.

Dianne said...

Beautiful babies! I'm still thinking about the one with no name... ;-) about Peaches? Skye? Ginger? Molly?

Tammy said...

Hey Mim,
Just thought I'd answer your question on the felted pelt rug here. I do roll them after wrapping up as usual in a large piece of shelf liner. I roll it up so that the cut side of the fleece with the roving backing is to the outside. Then I work it over pretty good. I don't flip it and re-roll it like you would a scarf or something that you wanted both sides felted. This seems to work. You'll get a small bits of the ends that will felt down, but after drying these can be teased back up easily. I use roving layered and spread thin for the backing and I also use roving in the rug to help 'corral' the loose locks as I go. It takes probably two or three ounces tops. Hope this helps. I'll try to get a post up eventually of the process from start to finish.

~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

Hey! It's July! Where's your post lol I wish I could afford to come visit, so tired (already?) of the bone dry desert, and missing my friend.

Tombstone Livestock said...

Love the black lamb with the white collar, and the forehead marking

Edward said...

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