Thursday, May 5, 2011

May Pictures

Casey on our mountain of green. "It's getting hot out here".

Thought I'd get some picture posted of the green mountain before it drys up for the summer.
Great time to climb the hill and watch the sheep grazing.
Two previous years the sheep started grazing grass in late February or early March.
This spring we had grass up here but between snows and cold days it wasn't growing much. They were not able to graze much till April.
Now it is all going to seed. The rich spring grass was lost to all the cold. Some of my ewe's that lambed are getting TOO thin from nursing their lambs without the rich spring grass to fatten them up before lambing.
Today it will be in the high 70's and Simon is feeling the heat.


Laura said...

I'm so not looking forward to summer heat, but I'm sure tired of the rain!! Guess you can't have everything...

Nice views from your "hill"!

Sharon said...

It was 70 today? You always say you are warmer.

Leigh said...

Your photos are fantastic! A postcard, every one.

I'm not looking forward to summer either. Our temps this week have hovered around 90 every day. We've had a long dry spell though so tonight's rain is a welcome relief.

Dianne said...

The pup has grown! Love the pics and so understand about everything "drying up for summer"! We have the RAINY season and the DRY season and it has taken some getting used to!

Please stop by my blog when you get a chance in the next day or so and enter to win in my Memorial Day giveaway!

Dianne said...

Hi! Hope all is well. I'm dropping again to let you know we just started our "official" farm blog today and you're on the blogroll! It's: