Thursday, July 7, 2011

Drama Queen

July here has been hot and wet. In one weeks time we had another inch of rain.Yesterday the clouds rolled in about 2 in the afternoon. This means thunder storms and the potential of range fires. Dry lighting is when the fires start and if your lucky you get the huge rains that come with the clouds and fire is not so likely if lighting hits near buy. So far so good and our area has been under the rain clouds.

I have some new additions to the farm. They came in June. Eight little Easter-egger chicks. Wynonna Wyandotte a three year old hen has taken over their care. I purchased the chicks at the feed store at what proved to be the perfect time. Wynonna had been broody for a few weeks so when the chicks were placed under her she was thrilled with a job well done!
Good Mother
Her three golf balls that she had tended to for almost three weeks had hatched into eight beautiful pullets.

Now the reason for the title of this post. Dear sweet Casey was snatched up bright and early last Thursday June 30th and taken to the vet to be spayed. I picked her up in the late afternoon. Literally. It took two of us to get her in the car in the morning and two helpers at the vets office to carry her back to the car for the ride home. Of course they weighted her, she was a whooping 80 pounds at 6 months old, and we had to carry her to the scale and then back to the kennel to wait for her surgery.
Drama Queen
Over the years I've seen several dogs and cats come home from the vets after a spay or neuter and marveled at the way they came out of such surgery's.  After the first day of sleeping off the anesthesia it seemed an effort to get them to rest and heal. They were always ready to get back into life. Not so Casey!

She wanted to hide in small spaces while she jumped up every few minutes to look at her belly then lick, lick lick!  I found that if I wrapped a small bath towel around her and duct taped it securely were it over lapped on her back she would settle down. She even let it stay around her and didn't try to get it off. About the third day she was resting much easier but only leaving her hiding place to go potty. She always ate good but she had to be fed in her "hole" never coming out to eat. Her wound never was infected or any of that bad stuff that could have caused her to be so upset. Now she has been dubbed "The Drama Queen" .

It took six full days for her to follow us on a walk up the mountain! Simon is thrilled his best buddy has returned to the act of living. He stayed back behind the barn those six days and kept a watch on Casey.  It is sure great to be back to normal!


~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

They are so beautiful, I can't wait to meet them!

Laura said...

That's so funny! Bruce (Akbash) hid for 5 days when he was neutered, too. I think they get worried that they are no longer able to perform their guardian duties since they're not at 100%.

Glad she's back on the job (and it looks like Simon is glad too!)

Sharon said...

Poor Casey. Poor Simon!! And I can't wait to see the blue eggs in my cartons one of these days. Good job Wynonna.

Dianne said...

Poor girl...I've actually had a lot of (people) patients just like that over all those years of nursing!