Monday, February 11, 2013

Winter of 2013

So far this winter we have had more of our share of extreme weather events.
December 2nd I went out at four in the morning to make sure everyone was alright in the barn after a night of extreme wind. I couldn't find Casey so went out the back door and found our 40 foot spruce tree laying right by the back door. The picture below is what's left of the trunk of the tree. It broke in the wind about two feet above the ground. The other end of the truck was three feet away with the top of the tree on the barn..
Also there is a large Russian Olive tree down. That tree came out of the ground and hit the far end of the barn. There was good news in this event. Between the Spruce and the Olive is the power line to the barn and only a small branch was leaning over it so no loss of power to the house! Casey was alright she was up by the rams barn. She was not going to get near the big tree.

Moses and Heath
Then came the snow. Just before Christmas is started to snow. Between getting one or two inches in a few storms then we had up to eight inches one time and with the cold temperatures we had snow on the ground for over 6 weeks. Very rare for this area. Frozen water every morning and night with the deep snow was no ride in the park.
The snow is almost gone now only some ice spots on the north side of things and the water buckets stay unfrozen all day. Whoo-Hooo!
Sally the emu has been laying eggs. She has six at this date and last week most of my hens have started to lay egg again regularly. A few of my Easter-egger hens have supplied us with eggs all winter. Just enough to get us and the dogs all we needed. Great chickens!


Laura said...

It has been the winter of our discontent, hasn't it!! I still have some ice floes, same as you - our 6+ weeks of snow is very unusual. It's still freezing here at night, sometimes enough to put 3/4" of an inch of ice in Tang's stock tank. But it's getting lighter every day, which is a real blessing!

DCAja said...

like this post!