Sunday, April 3, 2011

Kiddin' Around

It's been almost two weeks ago my two Mini Lamancha's, Ginger and Nutmeg gave birth. Megan had triplets on Monday the 21st of March. Two bucks and one doe. Doe in the front they are all dark brown. One little buck has some white on his side and tail. She had them on her own during the night. I went out that morning to find her kids all dry and with tummy's full. Just love that kind of birth!

Doe. I just burned off their horns yesterday. I haven't had baby goats to disbud in years. It wasn't hard to do after all those years. Well one hard part is getting me down on my hands and knees to disbud them. I figured out kneeling on a bale of hay while I restrained them gave me the height to get back on my feet! I'm not good about getting up off the floor any more.
It's so hard to get a good picture of three baby goats at the same time. Lambs are cute and bouncy but goats have them beat in the bouncy category! Note the brown kid. Where ever there is a feeder kids must be in side.
Tuesday morning March 22nd Ginger was acting like she wanted to kid. I know her breeding date was somewhere around a week after Megan. After watching her for a few hours I gathered her up to feel if she truly was trying to kid. Right there waiting to get out was two feet and a head. I'm not sure why she didn't push so I pulled and out came the first kid. The second and the third kid were the same. Position was right  but no push from Mom. Maybe because each of these three doe kids were so tiny. I'm not sure why she didn't push but all three are happy and doing well and half the size of the kids born one day earlier!

Three little does all brown, they have the same father as Megan's kids. Megan and Ginger are litter mates.
The little brown kids are hard to tell apart. One is "Little" one is "Middle" and one is "Big" until I come up with real names.


~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

Awwwww! I love baby goats!

Carolyn said...

Cute kid story!

Laura said...

Put different colored yarn "collars" on them - then you can have red, blue, green, or whatever!

They are sooo cute. I want goats. I want to make cheese. I have no time, and my fences are terrible. Guess it will have to wait!

kristi said...

Very, very cute and I am so jealous of 3 does!! So now the big question is, who is staying;)?

Sharon said...

If the weather is sane next week, I'd like to bring Alexia over to see the babies.