Thursday, April 7, 2011

Fiber News

This is a long delayed post on some of the fiber news that has happened here in the last few months. First and foremost here is the fiber I won from Laura in her blog drawing. Beautiful spring bling BFL/silk roving! I have some felting ideas ready for this fiber.
A few months back I felted these scarves from some fiber I got at Black Sheep last summer. I bought it from Capistrano Fiber. I took them to show and tell at our guild meeting. Virva our president sent me to her friends shop in Reno "My Scandinavia" and Pia has them for sale in her store.

Another lady at the store saw my Tiny Sweaters and bought 7 of them. Her husband, now diseased, grew up on Gotland Island. She still visits his family every summer and is taking the sweaters as gifts. Most of her choices were the Shetland sweaters. I told her all about my sheep so she could let her friends and family know what type of wool the sweaters were made of. I also put in an order for a few Gotland Sheep fleeces! ;o)

Sharon made up a hat pattern so I gave it a test run with some of my hand spun Shetland yarn. The brown hat shows the complete pattern. I modified the gray hat a bit just because.We are going to make Hat Kits with our home spun yarn and Sharons hat patterns.  Sharons been doing most of the work, planning out how much yarn we need for each hat and finding jars to display our kits in. She has a nice looking plastic jar coming from a company on line. If this sample works we'll put three colors of hand spun and a pattern in each jar for a cool gift idea.
Another new fiber event that took place just last night was Hattie "Who" presented me with two ewe lambs this morning! Here we go! I have no idea how many ewe's will lamb this spring. I do know it's at least 12 and it should go on till June 24th. That date is according to the last time Watson made his escape into the ewe's pen on January 24th. YEEKS


Laura said...

Too fun! I like the hats, and the lambies are cute! I can't wait to see what you do the fiber!

Carolyn said...

Lots of fun news - I enjoyed seeing all that you've been up to.

Fiber Floozie said...

Sounds like you've been having fun. I must get up to see everyone, puppies, lambs, and kids. Heidi