Sunday, March 6, 2011

Puppy Love

Last spring when I lost two lambs in one morning got me thinking I needed more protection for the sheep. Llamas came to mind but never did find one and really wasn't up to learning about llama care.
So when Paula found some great Gampr pups for sale I gave it a try. Simon has been here since October 2010 and I just love him! He is 9 months old now. Simon lives behind the barn and has access to our other ten acres during the night.  Our other dogs are older and don't seem to want to play as much as Simon does.

About two feet of snow 2/2011
So Simon got a puppy!! This is Casey. She is around 11 weeks old, born on 12/24/10. She is a cousin to Simon. Half Gampr, her mother looks just like Simon and the other half, dad is Pyrenees/Akbash. Well this is a match made in heaven.

Casey (just thought of the name today) needs Simon, whimpers when she can't find him and Simon runs to her aid when he hears her cry!
The picture below is their first day out on the back field. Simon brought a bone over, Casey took it and Simon just watches her enjoy the bone.

They play together in between puppy naps. Simon has been very gentle when he plays with her.
My dogs have been getting mostly raw food this last month with some dog kibble at night. Casey loves a good chicken leg. Simon has his leg quarter but finds it more interesting to watch puppy eat! I tried to feed her alone in the barn so she could set back and eat with out interference but she would have non of that. She wanted to be with Simon so I guess it works.

She looks a little wet and pitiful in these pictures. It has been raining all morning. Our snow is finally retreating. Casey already follows us up the mountain. After about a half hour she's ready to go back to the barn.
Jake comes into the field threw the garden gate. Jobeth, Simon and Casey waiting for Jake to get there.
I was concerned about how rough Simon was with Casey when we first got out to the far north field. He came up and mouthed her neck pushing her to the ground. Then he ran off to the far fence to check on the neighbor dogs. She sat and watched him go. I believe he was keeping her from following him out in the dangerous unknown where little puppy's could get hurt. With all my dogs I believe I will have one BIG happy family. Jobeth is big at heart!


Nancy K. said...

What a beautiful pup! I'm glad that the introduction of the newcomer went so smoothly! It sounds like Simon really did want a companion! It sure will be fun watching them play as Casey grows!

Carolyn said...

Awww, what a nice story! And I bet they will protect the sheep well.

~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

So wonderful for you Mim! Can't wait to meet them.

Sharon said...

That picture of Jo Beth, Simon and Casey is the best!