Wednesday, January 5, 2011


This is the time when winter really sets in at Desert Peach Farm. Yes it's been cold and snowy since November but with all the Holidays to keep your mind off the winter it seems January has a life of its own. This is when maintaining the farm is the main focus. Cleaning the barn, hauling hay for the sheep and warm water to the chickens and bunnies and keeping the house water from freezing are everyday projects . Then nature turns beautiful with a low fog that flocks the entire farm!

The trees and the sagebrush are flocked.

The wire fencing is flocked.

Even the flock has been flocked!
Cielia the black ewe shows off her new flocking the best. Nana must have been in the barn all night. No flocking on her.

And biggify Simon to check out his flocked ears and eye lashes. So handsome!


Michelle said...

So pretty!

Carolyn said...

Beautiful - even if it is cold. Especially the eyelashes!

Sharon said...

I'm done with winter and it's just getting started. It was pretty this morning, and pretty cold!

~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

I love it when that happens here, it turns everything into something beautiful, even the weeds :) Thanks for sharing!

Fiber Floozie said...

I love the Pogonip effect too. It was so beautiful driving in this morning. Although I could do with out the cold. I guess you can't have both.

Dianne said...

I'm loving your blog...just discovered it! I would love some sheep and goats! My macho logger tree farmer is putting in a "pasture" for us but it won't be large enough for very many.

I'm adding your delightful blog to my blogroll!