Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Little More Simon

Simon has continued to grow this last month. I estimate is weight at over one hundred pounds now. 

He is a very good boy and listens to me when I tell him "Not to play with the sheep and goats". "Walk quiet". My message wasn't coming threw very clear at first. Then after chasing a goat down off the hill. I gave him (in his mind) a near death experience. Once I caught up with them Jake was standing with the goat. I growled and cried at Simon jumped on his body and continued to growl and holler "LEAVE IT" "MY GOAT". Being the bright livestock guarding dog that he is Simon got the message. He is still full of puppy and will be for a few years. He has never bit or grabbed the sheep, it's just when they run he can't help himself and runs right behind them.  I need to keep reminding myself that this big lug is only seven months old. I even had to tell Ginger the goat to stop trying to play with Simon. "No Ginger, leave it, my dog". She's not helping.
Simon was seven months old on December 23 rd and is as big or bigger now than Jake our Great Pyrenees/X. Jake is 12 years old now.

Every morning the dogs and I walk our hill. We go by the road and greet the neighbor dogs first. He knows were each dog belongs and if our far neighbors dogs are out he will give them a bad time and we send them back to their home. Gampr's are cool in the way they communicate. They do bark but most of the time it's a low "gurrr" sound that they use to tell offenders that they are not pleased with their actions.
Simon is getting very muscular from running up and down our hills.
Jake is teaching him how to unearth ground squirrels and moles.

And Jobeth has been giving lessens on how to flush out rabbits and quail. All and all I am very pleased with my new Armenian Gampr lgd.
My first four tiny sweaters have gone to new homes. Christmas gifts. So I needed to replace them with some new sweaters. Brown and grey are Shetland wool. The pink sweater is alpaca and the white is merino/angora mix with the alpaca.


Michelle said...

Oooh, LOVE the little sheep on one! Did you do that with duplicate stitch?

~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

Simon is so pretty, can't wait to meet him!
Love the sweaters!

Mim said...

No it's knitted right in I have a pattern. I could post it some how if you'd like it.

Nancy K. said...

What an awesome dog! How did you ever learn about the breed?

Your tiny sweaters are very cute.

Carolyn said...

For a big lug, he is turning into a handsome dog! Darling sweaters!

Sharon said...

Simon is going to be the be dog you had anticipated = phew. Pretty awesome.