Sunday, December 19, 2010

What Weather?

The weather here has been very odd. Of course Reno is like that so really the weather has been fairly normal. In the post before this one we had about six inches of snow. That snow was around for about a week. With the thaw came green grass. The sheep spent their days grazing and very little hay was needed to keep them happy. I was happy also! The green was here for about a week and a half. Then this last Friday it snowed again all day. I would guess we had eight to ten inches. Yesterday it rained all day. The picture below shows some of the snow that slid off the roof just about all the rest of the snow melted.
I was trenching around the barn off and on during the day to keep the water out of the barn.
We have this beautiful out cropping of rocks in the canyon behind our property. Hum looks like more snow today.
  With the sheep being out in the rain and snow their fleeces are nice a wavy. This is the best time for fleece pictures.

It also smells like wet sweaters in the barn.

This morning I finally remembered to get  a picture of Chaparral, Paula's mini LaMancha buck on loan to breed Ginger and Megan my does. He fits right in with the sheep and goats so I'll keep him for the winter. Ginger likes him too. I should have kids born here this next spring in late March or early April. The plan was to get the goats to kid before the sheep lamb just in case I need some extra milk. We'll see. You will find a better picture of "big Al Boy" here. He is at the bottom of the page.

Proof there is grass in the high desert of Nevada in winter. Until the next snow!

Even under the sage brush. I've been told over the years by "experts" that grass does not grow under sage brush (Artemisia tridentata). In the dry arid parts of Nevada not much grass will grow anywhere, but in the high desert with more water, enough for the grass but not so much to drowned the sage brush, they do grow together. We have Brome, Crested Wheat and Cheat grass around and under our sage brush.


~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

Nice pics, great post, wish I could come visit :)

Nancy K. said...

My girls hate it when the snow slides off the barn roof!

I miss green grass (already!)

Sharon said...

I cannot believe how much green we have, but it's so muddy in the llama pen, that's all there is. Poor guys.