Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Cold Times and Old Ladies

This morning I was up when the thermometer read 8 degrees. Not bad considering Sharon, my neighbor, said it was below 0 at her house. We live higher on the mountain in the Banana Belt!  
This was the first day in the last week the sheep were able to eat outside. We've had high winds so they need to eat in the barn to keep the hay from blowing away. Eating in the barn makes for a wet and messy place. I like to feed them out so this old lady does not have to clean the barn.

Everyone felt good to get out and stretch their legs. Jo Beth gets cold easily. When there is six inches of snow and your not much taller it gets cold on the belly! She found a good place to stand out of the snow. I pulled the hay up on a sled with my burlap hay bag that made a nice almost warm landing spot for little dogs.

The sheep even followed us, two big dogs, out to the field to eat some snow. Jo Beth went back to the house.

We have a 100 gallon water tank in the barn for our house. When the weather gets this cold I need to put a heat lamp on the gizmo that turns it off and on. Without this we have no water! The pipes are packed with wool to keep them from freezing.

I have another "Old Lady" in my life. Sharon (not her) and I went to a craft fair a few weekends ago. We brought our spinning wheels. I was selling Shetland yarn, pelts and roving so thought it would be great to spin. Sharon has pictures on her blog. I never seem to have my camera. Anyway a man and his wife were watching me spin and said they had an old spinning wheel from Elko NV. and would I like to have her? This was a craft fair for the locals here in the North valleys so he went home and brought this cute little wheel. She needs a little work, her "Mother of All" is loose but all the parts are there so she will be great to take to spinning demos. Biggify the picture and see how she is put together with wooden pegs. I love her and hope to do many demos with her in the future.

Simon says "Happy Thanksgiving!"  " I love the snow, I love the snow." Run Simon run.


Purple Fuzzy mittens said...

Have you ever knit JoBeth a sweater?

Mim said...

No I was always afraid it would get wet and full of hay!

Nancy K. said...

I think the fourth picture down is STUNNING! It should be a Calendar photo! Just beautiful.

Holy, moly ~ Simon is getting HUGE!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours

~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

How neat! Amazing that they had to go all the way to Reno to find a spinner lol Guess our ladies in Elko don't spend enough time spinning in public. Lucky you!
Happy Thanksgiving Mim, I miss you!

Sharon said...

I was actually thinking when I read the title that you are I were the old ladies! We're just not the ones you meant:) Nancy is right - Simon is huge!!