Monday, October 4, 2010

Simon Says

"I finally got a real name". We've had Simon over two weeks now. So young and full of beans but he is very sensible. He likes to visit the chickens and only tries once to see if he can get them to run then he'll walk slowly around them to check out their coup.
Twice a day we walk up threw the barn to get past the sheep.  I let him off his lead so he can run around with the two other dogs out on the hill. He has it all figured out as to who the neighbors dogs are, the ones in their own yards so don't bark at them, and the sound of the coyotes the guys that you do bark at to show them this is our home. Almost everything I show him he will pick up after just a few lessons. Things like sit for a treat, sit or stay back when the gate is open for Jake to come in, and walk on a lead.

Sunday morning we went for a ride to see a lady about a ram. The story started earlier last week when Wally Rutledge drove two rams down to meet another man in Oregon. Other man shows sheep for Terry Mendenhall and was headed to her place to deliver her sheep back to their home. My ram stayed at Terry's house and ram # two went down to Southern California.
Terry lives in Northern Ca about 3 1/2 hours from me so off I went with Paula to pick up White Oaks Artie.

Some of Terry's sheep. If you don't know Terry she has some of the most beautiful Merino's and Romney's you could find.
All the sheep wear coats and they live on irrigated fields. Because she lambs and shears in spring and fall she was getting ready to shear some ewe's soon before they lamb in a few weeks.
Here's little Artie. He is this years lamb and just look at that "Man" face he has already! After his long trip to Nevada he was very strong and sure of himself when he got here last night. I let him in with the two wethers and Watson this morning.
I fed the boys to distract them from the new guy. It wasn't long before the chasing settled down and Watson made friends. Watsons face just changed with the new wrinkles this last week. T'is the season.
Watson has always been a quiet stay to your self type ram so no real head butting went on. Now he seems to like his new buddy.
The wethers went back to the barn.


Michelle said...

Congrats on your new ram! I got my first two Shetlands from Wally, and count him as a friend.

~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

Nice addition! Both of them :)
Such a pretty boy Simon is! I can't wait to meet him!

Sharon said...

Phew - you've named Simon so I can finally post my pictures of him. I'm surprised that your ram doesn't have bigger horns.

Leigh said...

What a relief that Watson and Artie get along so quickly. I haven't had such luck with my goats.

Simon looks like the perfect addition! Congrats on both of them.

Laura said...

Doncha just love those Klingon faces rams get about now? It's pretty funny to see the changes in season through sheep faces.

Simon looks good (though I still like Skunk).

I'm very envious of Terry's fields - wish I had something like that!

Fiber Floozie said...

Wow he's beautiful. The ram I mean. The dogs cute too. Can't wait to come out and meet them.