Monday, October 25, 2010

October Colors

Sumac Trees
Arborvitae in the back yard.
Sydney the munchkin Halloween kitty with the flaming eyes!
Some Blue Face Leicester/silk roving dyed in my favorite colors. Each color shows four ounces of the roving before and after it is drafted out and braided.
"Kenick" a black katmoget ewe lamb. One of four beautiful ewe lambs I kept from Duncan, Hazel is her dam.

Her fleece surprised me. At birth she started out with an almost white fleece and her black, black face and legs. She has just started to get the half moon markings under her eyes. Under the white her fleece fades from a darker gray to a light gray.

"Morgan" a moorit katmoget ewe lamb by Duncan and Siskin.

Batts of wool from my Shetland ewe Yeesha.

Simon is now six months old. He will have to stand in for Halloween's Black Cat!

"Ya if you say so!"


Leigh said...

Those girls have gorgeous fleeces. And is Sydney a tortie?

Sharon said...

The colors right now are so wonderful. I wish that October were a longer month! Happy birthday to Simon. Is he catching up to his monster feet??

~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

Beautiful roving and fleece! My Mom has an appointment in Reno sometime in early November. I'm hoping to get out to see you :)

Mim said...

Hi Leigh yes she is a tortie.

Sharon, October is one of the best months. Simons feet just keep getting bigger!

Yea Becky I'll be looking for you!

Fiber Floozie said...

He's so cute. I can't wait to come out to see him.