Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Say "Good Night Gracie"

Here is the last picture of the vegetable garden two weeks ago. The wind is blowing about 50 miles an hour. Dust everywhere.
This same night there was a killing frost. Zucchini and pumpkins last stand.

There are mountains behind this tree.
What a mess! Our old white birch tree, the one that died last year, blew over.

The spruce tree in front, our Dr Seuss tree, because of it's odd shape, is bending way to the left.
So ends summer, "Good Night Gracie".


Michelle said...

Mim, that purse in your header is just stunning! We haven't gotten a frost yet, but we're close and we've been warned. Rain has moved in for a few days which will keep it above freezing, but make it muddy. I MUST get into the garden today and pick all the tomatoes!

Laura said...

I had my first frost Sunday, and had to scrape ice to go to work Monday. So, late fall/winter weather has arrived. It's warmer today, and raining - true to form, I don't have mud control handled yet!

I really liked your birch - I'll bet it looks bare without it. Will you plant another, or something else?

I DON'T miss the wind!!

Mim said...

No more White Birch for us. This last one died from Bronze Birch Bores, I think is their name. This was the last one to die here. We'll need to find a new variety of deciduous tree to replace it.
Michelle, thanks! Sharon took that picture over at her house.

~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

"Say good night Gracie!"
"Good Night Gracie" :)
I don't think its the end, I think we have another at least a week of warm weather coming, but that wont matter to your garden I guess.

Leigh said...

Good photos, though a little sad! We haven't had our first frost yet, in fact fall color seems a little late this year.

Sharon said...

Gosh, I didn't even realize that was my photo. I had to go back and see what you were talking about.

I'm sad to the birch has fallen. I know it was dead, but it still will leave a hole on the bank.