Saturday, August 22, 2009

Away So Long

I can't believe it's been over three weeks since my last post! Some of this time has been spent with a computer who decided to freak me out with the "Blue Screen of Death" two times in less than two weeks. Paula who lives up at the end of our road loves computer challenges and helped me threw this ordeal. She showed me how to get into "Safe Mode" so at least I could read emails. We never did truly fix my computer with anything we did. It seems that it is a self healing computer. ;o) After three days of the blue screen the first time and about four days later the second time the blue screen appeared, this only lasted one day, I would turn on my computer the next morning and Wa-La it was better. I here this is not normal.
Paula was over yesterday and spent four hours with me removing cookies, old file thingys, defragging and what ever else. I now even have Firefox installed. Paula says this is better then Internet Explorer but I can't sign into my email. Still more learning going on .
A week ago today Kay and Ed, they have Lazy K's Alpaca's, took me to Loyalton, Ca with their flatbed trailer and I came home with 83 bales of wheat grass/alfalfa mix hay. They park the trailer in front of the barn and between Bob and I we have it inside with room to spare for the next load this up coming Saturday. This next load of hay will be straight grass hay or field grass. A fine bladed grass with other wonderful bits of clover, dandelions and assorted plants that grow in the hay fields around Nevada.
edit( Wow I was just looking over the pictures to make sure they biggify and I saw the barn snake coming down the hay! I didn't realize I caught it in the picture. I believe this is the same snake that I see most days in or around the barn.)

We have been harvesting and eating potatoes from the garden for the last few weeks. I planted Yukan Gold and these red potatoes There are plenty for family and friends also. These are my first two zucchini just picked today!

The most exciting thing in my long absence is the purchase of two lovely rams!! No money has pasted hands yet so I shouldn't jinx this but here are pictures. The first guy is Stonehaven Duncan from Tammy Knight. I'm sure some of you know Duncan already. He is a six year old katmoget with a dense single coated fleece. Tammy has been having some trouble with sheep viruses predator, so she is selling her shetlands. Tammy has pictures of Duncans lambs from this year, awesome!
Lois set me up with Tammy while I was shopping for rams from Stonehaven. I do want to put some black back into my flock and with Lois's help picked Watson. Watson was born this spring and has a lovely brother Holmes that will be staying home with Lois and Brook! Holmes-Watson cute! I'll be making a trip up to Eastern Oregon to pick up Watson in October. Duncan should be able to hitch a ride from Laura when she comes down for Sharon and Ian's Labor Day Fest!
Here is an update from Spud the show shetland. He has been spending some R&R time down at the beach in Ventura, Ca. by the ocean. Here he is as he swooshs in on his boogie board. The poor guy has a scrotal hernia that put him out of the running for more grand champion ribbons on the show circuit but in his absence Zorro the other ram lamb who went with Spud has taken his place in the champion line. Zorro has taken three champion shetland ribbons at the last three shows!!! Some day I hope to get a picture of him to post.


Anonymous said...
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~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

Wow!!! Duncan is beautiful! What horns! Cant wait to see him in person!

Michelle said...

So glad to hear that Duncan is going to another good home! I feel so bad for Tammy, but the four ewes I sold her got snapped up by another breeder so I didn't have to bring any back home. Not that I would have minded a couple....

Sharon said...

I hope you're successful on the black infusion front. I'm going to be in line for a black fleece next year and I just as soon not have to buy it from Placerville.

All of DD Chris's friends are excited about the indigo pot at Labor Day and are bringing white T-shirts and socks. Laura doesn't have a clue what I volunteered her for, and now she's bringing a sheep!

Tina T-P said...

I keep both Internet Explorer and Firefox on my computer, because, as you have found out, Firefox wont let you do some things that IE will. If you have room, it's not a bad option. T.