Sunday, November 23, 2008

Ciders Bio and Breeding Group

Cider my ram I kept this year. His sire is McTavish Newton (apple theme) and his dam is Crystal Dawn Limerick. He does have the potential to throw the brain sick blind lambs from his dad but not from his dam so it's not a big chance. I kept him first because I need to test some of my first time breeding ewe's sired by Shady Oaks Dugan (who gave the gene to his daughters) to see if they carry the gene and second there was no money left to buy another ram. So since his mom does not carry the gene his chances are good to be clean. I'm breeding him to three ewe's who had sick lambs last spring plus some could be carriers. So if I get no sick lambs next spring he is not a carrier and he'll stay a few more years. If his horns clear his head well. The horn on the right of the picture is a bit close! No face but I love the look of his fleece from this angle. Cider has a nice dense soft crimpy musket colored fleece.
Hattie (who) Just love her. She is built so boxy and square. Sire Shady Oaks Dugan and Desert Peach Kate. This will be her first breeding. Kess behind her is a very deep colored moorit. One of the few solid colored sheep in my flock. Her dam is Shady Oaks Truffles and Shady Oaks Dugan. Her full sister Desert Peach Bella had two blind lambs last spring so this will be a big test for her.
First is Nana and Eve is next to her. Both ewe's are from my first ram Shady Oaks Stevie Wonder. No chance for sick lambs.

Jorja. Desert Peach Siskin and Shady Oaks Dugan born in 2007 this is her first breeding. She is another strong wide built girl.
Valla and her mother Yeesha (behind on the left). Kate's in the back with Cider creeping up. She's in heat today so I'll put November 23rd on my calendar. Valla is another Dugan daughter moorit born in 2007 this is her first breeding.

Back of Valla and Cider

Eve next to Oma big girl in the center back had one live lamb and one ram lamb who died last spring. I just had to kept her for her large dense soft fleece and her great confirmation and to help test Cider for the sick lamb gene.
Charlee is in front Siskin in center and Bella going off camera. Charlee had a healthy lamb last year and is a daughter of Dugan so is Siskin and Bella. Siskin had a healthy ram lamb last spring and Bella had the two lambs born blind that lived. Charlee's fleece weighed in at 5 pounds after I washed it in cold water!

Valla, Kess, Kate and Yeesha in the back. Yeesha and Kate have no chance of producing sick lambs.

Junior and Sally grazing. Get ready you chicken owners, Sally will soon be laying eggs. Beautiful avocado colored eggs with almost two cups of yolk and white in each egg! Yum, I don't know about the yum part never ate one yet. I cook food for the dogs and cats so in the winter they get emu eggs in the mix.

Gabbie the barn cat. She found us last winter. I think she was lost during a big snow storm and found the barn to get out of the weather. When the snow melted she stayed on and made herself at home with us. She named herself because she talks so much!


Sharon said...

Look at all those fleeces, I mean, sheep. Gabbie, eh. Kinda like Mickey Mouth.

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Yes, LOTS of lovely fleeces! I do hope you don't have to go through any of the lamb heartbreaks you had last year; so sad!

Leigh said...

Lovely photos. And lovely fleeces! Interesting about Cider's potential gene problem. I hope your experiments prove he's not a carrier.

Jenny Holden said...

Beautiful sheep :o)Can't wait for lambing time again now!

Lois said...

Cider is a handsome fellow and your ewes are lovely; they should give you beautiful lambs! I understand your need to find out more about the blind lambs (I would make exactly the same choice)....but I also know that approaching this scientifically when you know what pain it can cause takes SO much courage. We will all be there with you dear Mim.