Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Limericks Rams and Bad News

Here we are in the far, far corner of the field with Limerick and her two ram lambs born Sunday April 20th. Don't they have the cutest legs? Limerick is one of my "pin ball" sheep she knows I'm going to eat her and bounces off the nearest fence to avoid me at all cost. I've had her five years. Now that she feels better after a horrible birthing she has moved her babies as far away as possible.
There was a race to the finish line for these two rams (males) in the womb. It must have been a tie because they were both in the birth canal at the same time. It took so long to figure whose legs went with whose head I was in a panick. When that was sorted out this little guy had to have a noose around his neck so he wouldn't look to the back as he was being pulled out. Gees, this took almost 45 minutes and he lived!!!! Then... ...with very little effort I found this guy and he slid right out bringing his head with him no problem. They are both healthy and normal! and Limerick came threw her delivery like a champ no infection no antibiotics needed and just one day in the jug before she was driven to run from my evil intentions!

This is the lambing season from hell. I will always remember 2008. Last night Sofie, dear sweet Sofie gave birth . I found her with one healthy boy. Awesome, wonderful this entire mess of a lambing season might just be a nutritional deficiancy. Sofie's babies are from my rams line breeding. Well around the corner of the barn was a little ewe lamb lost and brain sick blind! Thank God Sofie is the last of my older rams daughters to lamb!
The lambings with the healthy babies this weekend are out crosses except Siskin but she had a lamb by her father last year, that fence jumping guy, and that lamb is normal. If this is gentic maybe she doesn't carry the gene?!?!? All of my blind came from a line breeding plus some of those ewe's had a normal twin with the blind one. More then blind they most all die soon after birth. Some do have seizures also.
I have three more ewe's to lamb. Maybe two Claira doesn't look big but she was with the ram till January so she could have a late lamb. These three ewe's are out crosses to my ram so at least if this is genetic I have a chance that this sad, sad blind lamb stuff is over. Or if they do have blind lambs it could very well not be genetic.
My head's going in circles, I hate this!!!!


~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

Almost done! Its always a relief to me when we are dont lambing, but much more so when we are having a bad year, but we have never had one like you are having.

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Valentine's twins this morning were both trying to get out at the same time, too. At least they were turned in opposite directions; I don't know WHAT I would have done if there had been front feet from both lambs coming!

Tammy said...

Geez, what a nightmare you have gone through. I'm glad for the healthy normal babies that you have had, but all the other troubles is just awful. I can't believe you had a mixed up presentation on top of it all! Good job, for getting it all straightened out and delivering healthy lambs. Limmerick doesn't know it but you saved her and her babies. Do you have any idea how long it will take for the lab test to be done?