Sunday, July 27, 2008

Summer Garden

The vegetable garden is in full swing now. The sweet corn is starting to tassel! I also have some Indian Corn at the other end of the garden that is as tall as me. It will get much taller than this early sweet corn.

We have been eating zucchini for a few weeks now. I even had enough to share with my Mom.

And the pumpkins, for Halloween and pies, are flowering and hopefully they are pollinating. We have had a bee hive here for about four years. Last summer was so dry the poor girls didn't make enough honey and the entire hive of bees died last winter.
Todd our "Bee Man" never came by this spring to clean the hive and bring a new bunch of bees to start the hive up again. This turned out to be a good thing! A swarm of wild honey bees found the hive cleaned out the dead bees from last year and started their new home here! Todd checked the hive last month and found a young queen bizzy laying eggs in her new home. He has a neat new sugar water feeder to put in the hives this fall to make sure our new group of honey bees have food to make it threw the winter if honey production is lean this summer.

Nature is such a miracle!


~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

That is so cool Mim! I didn't know there were 'Bee Men' lol
Hmmm, lets see... I will be there the end of August, I wonder if I will be in time for corn... ;-)

Sharon said...

I'm jealous of your squash - we've gotten one and two tomatoes.

Leigh said...

Mim, your garden is wonderful! I'm jealous of all of it :)