Tuesday, July 8, 2008

All American Tiger

One of my all time favorite flowers in the yard. This daylilly was sent to us by our friends Sheryl and Truman. Sheryl bought it on Ebay but since she lives in California she had it shipped here. California has many regulations about shipping in plants. Well about six years later it's still in our yard! The first year it didn't bloom. Then the second year I had a glimps of the flowers. It had only a few and since they each lasted a day there wasn't much to look at. On the third year it was loaded with flowers and just as it started to open guess who got out of their field right next to the plant, SHEEP! That was almost the death of the entire plant. Now fenced in it's own little yard with a few flower friends "Sheryl" my All American Tiger daylilly is thriving once again! One of her neighbors.

Another daylilly.


~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

Beautiful! Your place is so wonderfully green and oasis like :)

I have decided I am going to create a oasis in my front yard; we have not until lately had a lot of friends we could invite over to bbq or what ever, so never have bothered with grass or extra trees, the fall Im putting in sod and planting a few trees in the front. Cant wait :)

Sharon said...

And that loveliness is just the tip of the iceberg - Bob is a garden poet and you are the garden poetess.

Leigh said...

Gosh, I never thought about buying plants on eBay. That sure is a beauty, as are your other flowers.