Sunday, April 6, 2014

Last Weeks Fiber and Soap

First to be dyed was the Blue Face Leicester/Tussah Silk. This is grey wool which makes the colors rich and dark.
The next day I dyed I had merino 80%/tussah 20% and the lilac colors on the right the merino/silk has bamboo also.
Last but not least I dyed the white BFL/Tussah. The colors pop with the BFL and the merino the colors are soft and creamy like sherbet color.
Below are some samples of the Castile Soap I have been making. I've been taking pure Castile Soap (olive oil, lye,water) rebatching it by melting it with some of my goats milk in the oven. Then adding sweet almond oil, calendula flowers and Orange Valencia essential oil.It turns out to be a wonderful creamy soap that lasts for quite awhile if kept dry between uses.


Michelle said...

MmmmMMM; it all looks so GOOD!

DCAja said...

love it!