Saturday, September 4, 2010

Show And Tell

Some of the stuff that has been happening and I haven't gotten around to blogging about.
First Duncan is back in the BCU (barn care unit).Don't let the look on his face fool you he is doing fine again. This morning he was straining and in pain. Probably another stone working it's way down the pipes. He was easy to catch so I brought him down to the barn and gave we him a shot of Banamine for pain and inflammation.  He is now happy and eating again.

I received some Ammonium Chloride in the mail after his first episode. Now Duncan will be on the seven day treatment plan to hopefully dissolve more stones in his bladder. He has the ol' "Oh no here she comes again" look in his eyes.
This little ewe lamb "Ziva" surprised me last mouth. She was born in May from my ewe Desert Peach Zephyr and Stonehaven Watson. Take a good look at her head. I guess this is what happens when you try not to breed for horned ewes!

I also thought that if a ewe was horned that it was noted on the pedigrees? I need to research ewe horn genetics.
There's Ziva again behind Ginger the wonder goat. I often wonder if she is on the wrong side of the fence more than the right side of the fence with the sheep? I have a darling young buck picked out for her and her sister "Nut"Megan. I can't wait to get them bred and have fresh milk next year.

I came across a lonely Navajo loom, I cleaned her up and oiled her wood, so here we go.  This will be a good purpose for all the yarn I have had stored forever. You know the yarn you spin from the roving you had forever to give it a new life.
My new loom needed a few tools. I didn't have a weaving fork or a batten. Now I have one of each, hand made by the cool man who lives with "paula up the street". He checked out my book  "Navajo Weaving Way" to make these.
Since we're both new at this I'll need to work with the tools to see if they might need to be altered in any way. Now to warp the loom!


~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

Poor Duncan!
Good luck with the loom!

Lois said...

Dear Mim- I am so sorry to hear about Duncan's problems, but happy to know that he is coming along with your good care.

Sharon said...

I love a wonderful ending, and now I love a wonderful beginning :)