Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Black Sheep Gathering

I'm having a difficult time finding words to start this post. So much has happened in three short days. I  met  many wonderful people and made some new friends. So many beautiful sheep and wonderful people (great meeting you Michelle!) were gathered in such a small space I found it impossible to meet them all in one weekend.
I'll start with the sheep.

This little Romeldale ram lamb was found in the pasture with his Mom by Laura while she was tending some of Corys ewes, opps, so he became the mascot. More Romeldale sheep at the show.

  Friday morning Becky and I even helped show a few sheep for a breeder who needed some more hands.

Blue Face Leicester sheep. I think these are Jared's.

Jacob's- his horns are nice but look at that fleece. (click to make bigger)

Wensleydales-these sheep just have to live in the house to keep such nice fleece!
Lets not forget the Shetland sheep. There were large numbers of Shetlands at BSG this year. Too many to just look at so I brought two ewe lambs back to Nevada with me! The two tone ewe in the back comes from Quintin Kreth. Thunderhead Argentina is her name. She is a gulmoget with black on her front and under that light grey is a darker shaela coloring. Very unusual coloring and a soft silky fleece.

Argentina needed a traveling and quarantine friend so this little brown katmoget ewe with a soft silky fleece,  came with. She is from White Oak Shetlands, Wally Rutledge, she was in a pen right next to Garretts new ewe!
I've been thinking of naming the katmoget ewe Miryha after an awesome young lady ( running a booth with Lori Lawson, Capistrano Fiber Arts Etsy Store, with the most beautiful dyed fiber and yarn. I could not get enough of their booth. I'd look and look at the other vendors around BSG then continue to come back to their booth to buy more roving. 

At the end of the weekend I had six braids of roving from "Capistrano Fiber".
A few pounds of Romeldale fleece from Becky's purchases. We traded fiber for fiber.
And one of Laura's fabulous hats, hand made for me from Booger my wethers fleece. The grey in the hat is his fiber.

It was a wonderful trip. I only regret that I didn't find Kathy, Tina and Garrett before they left. Maybe next time because I plan on doing this again!


Michelle said...

It was wonderful meeting you, too, Mim! I never did get to see any of Laura's awesome hats; maybe I'll have to schedule a "hat clinic" with Laura. :-)

Purple Fuzzy mittens said...

Maybe next year I can go too!

kristi said...

Oh, I loved all the pictures! It sounds like you had a wonderful time! Its so fun to actually meet blogger pals for the first time. I would love to have just one Wensleydale in my flock....just one;)

Garrett808 said...


Are you planning on next year? I'd love to have time to chat with you in person!

Congrats on the new addition :) I'm just tickled with my new ewe!

~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

It was a great trip Mim! I hope we can do it again, with Amy next time lol
I had so much fun, and was so worn out by Sunday! It was wonderful :)

Sharon said...

Ian and I were wondering what katmoget and gulmoget are. We saw them on stall signs. I hardly saw you at all - too much to see and do. I ended up with four braids from Capistrano. Thanks (I think) for the tip!

Wrensong Farm said...

I sure wish I had gone! Even though I no longer have Shetlands I would have loved to have met all the people who's blogs I have enjoyed over the years. Thanks for the tour!

Tina T-P said...

Yes, I was so sorry that I didn't know you were there - I would have definitely made a point to find you! Great pictures of all the different breeds - wasn't that CVM lamb a hoot - It was doing "the popcorn thing" the evening I watched it - such a happy little one.

All those lovely colored hands of wool just made me swoon - I got some really pretty Sweet Grass Targhee - color way called Chameleon- blues and teals & greens - yummy!

Congrats on your new lambs! T.

Jared Lloyd said...

A pleasure meeting you!

Fiber Floozie said...

I love BSG. My only complaint is there's too much to do and see and not enough time to see and do it all.
I love all you pictures of the sheep.
I didn't get to meet all the blogers I wanted to but then there's next year.

~ Phyllis ~ said...

What a wonderful trip. Thanks for sharing your pictures. I love all the goodies that you came home with.