Saturday, May 8, 2010

Finished Lambing 2010

My last two ewe's bred for 2010 lambed on May 5th and 6th.
First on May 5th in the afternoon Tru came to the barn by herself and I helped her with this 7 pound ewe lamb. I get antsy  once I see the feet and nose coming so after several contractions I helped with a few pulls on the feet to speed things along and out pops a fancy little black and white spotted ewe. Brought to you by Desert Peach Tru + Stonehaven Watson

So different then the other lambs this year I thought she needed a close up picture. Watch she'll get the Ag gene and that will be the end of all the "fancy".

 The next day, May 6th, late morning Zephry went into labor and I watched her have twin lambs. A five pound gray ewe lamb, front, and back behind her is the smallest lamb born this year a four pound ram lamb also gray. I'll get a better picture later. These last three lambs will be staying in the nursery for a good week so they can get some size on them before going out in the field with all the big lambs. It's a zoo in the barn now with 18 lambs!!
Tru and Zephyr look like twins. They are both from McTavish Newton and were born in '08 but from different ewe lines. Zephrys dam is Oma so she could be a carrier from both of her parents, her brother was the first lamb that died in '08. Tru just has her sire that was a carrier so has less of a chance to carry the gene that causes my sick/blind lambs.

So my final tally is 12 ewe's bred 20 lambs born. I lost two ewe lambs to the DLD, Oma's ewe died fast, within hours of birth,  and Kess's ewe lamb I had to have  put to sleep because she was not handling being blind. Strange noises sent her into a panic and it was too heart breaking.
The other eighteen lambs are all doing great and growing like weeds! With 9 ewe lambs and 9 ram lambs I came out even this year!


Nancy K. said...

That is one flashy lamb! I hope your babies grow quickly and can join the rest of the hooligans! Those two ewes are lovely! I guess one can't complain about 50/50...


Rayna said...

Yeah, sorry, but I see sugar lips, I'd say she's definitely AG. But she's beautiful and she'll be a beautiful grey ewe too! :)