Wednesday, April 7, 2010

New Lambs

Charlee... on Easter I left Charlee in a jug while we went to my brothers in town. When we got home she had lambed and gave me a ewe and a ram. He has white around his face and will fade,ag, like his Mom

Charlees ewe is katmoget, my first ever. Very light almost white with brown points. She has Shirly Temple curls so should have a wavy crimped fleece like Charlee.

Oma lambed on the morning of April 6th she also had twins, one ram and one ewe lamb. I was here to see the birth but there is 'trouble in paradise' reminiscent of my lambing in 2008! Excuse me but OH SHIT! I'll talk more about Oma in another post. This little guy is a katmoget also. His sister was a dark brown.

Hattie's lambs were born on the evening of April 5th. She had a black ram and a black ag ewe lamb. The ewe lamb has a white spot on each side of her body right by her front elbows. So she is spotted, but by the time her color all fades she won't show her spots!

"I see a goat Mom."


Cynthia said...

Charlee's ewe is such a darling. I've certainly had my share of the huge curl lambs, but her color distribution makes her look like one of those super soft stuffed animal. Cute. Enjoy.

Garrett808 said...

Congrats on all the lambs! Out of curiousity, do the katmogets also have sugar lips indicative of Ag? I LOVE the Ag katmogets (Moget-face) sheep but don't have any, except one lamb out of AI last week.

I think they are so striking with just the kat markings on their faces as the rest of them fades.

Take lots of photos of them as they grow up!

The ram you got from Tammy last year is just a STUD! He is so handsome!

Tammy said...

What lovely little lambs. Esp. like the katmogets. So sorry to hear that there was trouble with Oma's ewe lamb. My heart goes out to you, after the horror you had during the 2008 lambing. Hopefully this will be isolated.