Friday, April 30, 2010

New Arrivals

All is well here with all the new arrivals, new lambs that is. According to my calculations all lambs born here since Kess had her blind lamb, will be healthy and with three ewe's to go it should be all down hill.

On April 17th Hazel gave birth to twins one black katmoget ewe and a black ram lamb. All legs.

Pictures on the day they were born and growing up fast not quite two week later. When we sheared all bred ewe's I missed Hazel so she lambed in full fleece. When we sheared on the 22nd she had already lost all the wool on her neck that is why she has a bald spot.

On April 19th I found Yeesha in the morning with her 9 pound ewe lamb! A beautiful little? fawn katmoget! She is built like a tank The width between her back legs is tremendous. Some of the boys two weeks older are not as wide as she is over all.
This morning April 30, 2010 out in the field close to the barn Stevie the only yearling to be bred last year had a sweet little ewe lamb with her.

It's sunny and the wind is gone today so they will stay out and enjoy the spring weather. Stevie is proving to be an excellent mother.

Some of my older lambs investigating the new field.

Above is Hattie and her ewe lamb. Below Sisken's ram lamb.
Bella and her Easter Sunday ram lambs. First lambs born here.

Hattie's ewe and laying down is Mijo her brother who will have a home with Sharon as a fiber boy! Just like his half brother Spud from last year they are born too friendly to ever make a ram you could trust. Born to be pets!

Sisken with her katmoget ewe lamb and dark brown Ag ram lamb.


Laura said...

They're so cute!! I'll bet lamb races are really exciting at your house now!

Michelle said...

Looks like Sharon will be able to grow her OWN black fleece - yay! Congrats to all!

~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

I wanna come visit lol

Sharon said...

I love your farm. You work insanely hard to make it awesome - and I just love it.

Fiber Floozie said...

I can't wait to come see all these little cuties in June. But by then they won't be so litte.