Sunday, November 29, 2009

Ewe's Bred to Stonehaven Watson

The rams have been with their ewes since the first week of  November. I've moved Watsons  girls next to a fence with Duncan on the other side to watch and see if any of them haven't been covered. So far things have been very quite.
First in line is Pepper a long yearly, first breeding. Right behind is Hattie (Who) two years old and the mother of Spud the show lamb. Watson is in the back looking at Duncans'  girls. Love his top line and chest!

Next picture is Tru a yearling and Stevie , one of this years lambs. I have not bred a lamb in the last three years but have no problem with breeding young. Anyway Stevie squeaked threw the fence to be with Mom so Watson and I let her stay.

Jorja is a two year old. She had a ram lamb, Zorro, that was showing in California last summer. Strong boned ewe, long intermediate fleece. All of the black Ag ewe's are in with Watson.

Zephyr is a yearling. Pepper, Tru and Zephyr are half sisters from "Newton" my ram from a few years ago, Enfield Grayling on both sides of his pedigree.
One more daughter of Newton's is Hazel (black) and she was bred to Duncan.

Another Stevie Picture.

Desert Peach Bella
Bella will be three. Yes her fleece does reflect light. It's shiny, tippy and dense. I love this ewe! She just does not have much poll fleece.

Stevie and Bella. She is her mothers daughter.


~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

Them's some purty sheep you got there Mim! ;-)
I seriously can't wait to see your babies, they are going to be gorgeous! Well, they usually are anyway.

Carolyn said...

They are so photogentic with their fleece long and full!

Sharon said...

Yummy fleeces, all of em.