Monday, July 13, 2009

Catching Up

It's been so busy here I have no time left for myself, meaning fiber stuff. I don't like summer!
Today I was out in the barn before it got too hot, to clean the floors of hay and poo and cave dust. Cave dust is the pulverized hay and poo from the last few months. Hattie and Valla are waiting to start refilling the barn with new poo.
I took seven wheel barrels full and started mulching the back field. It is so hot and dry the ground does not stay moist for long plus our Nevada soil is void of any organic matter to feed the grass. I started at the back edge that drys out fastest and will work my way over. May be another 50 loads should do it! Thankfully there isn't that much in the barn.
Last fall I planted garlic. Garlic does well in Nevada and is easy to grow. Like tulips or daffodils
after you plant them it's just wait till spring water a bit till about July and harvest. Here they are drying on the front porch waiting for me to braid them. Got to find more time!

The potatoes are doing well and the corn is tiny. Spring was cool and rainy so the corn was not planted till the third week in June. It's happy and green so we should get some sweet corn in August.
Also planted pumpkins and squash not a very big garden this year.

Volunteer Sun Flowers round off the garden. Yesterday there were some gynormas winds. They seemed to be like 35-50 mile an hour winds. Not so usual in the summer here to be that strong

This morning I found many "sleeping" Sun Flowers blown over by the wind. Some of the trees lost branches and green leafs are all over the property.

All fodder was donated to the "Feed the Flock Fund" a charity for starving Shetland Sheep in Nevada.

All sheep enjoyed the branches, leafs and Sun Flowers that were hand carried to them in their now dried out fields.

This last Saturday the spinning and weaving guild met here, which was for me the second annually meeting out at our house. There was a great turnout but of course I didn't bring my camera out for any pictures. Maybe I can use some from anyone else who may have taken pictures and show you. I will say that with all the commotion, 15-20 cars coming up and down the drive, gates opening and closing, mostly open, Jake stayed and honored his parole by not leaving the yard even once. Here he is guarding the wood lot.
Last I posted some new fiber on my Etsy store. This is reinvented fiber with stuff that hasn't sold. I carded this fiber with Anglina to add bling.

This is a wool, silk, mohair blend, more bling.
Then my favorite is this merino, silk blend! Soooo soft.


Sharon said...

I always love your fiber and will be shopping in your "shop" soon. I am *still* spinning natural wools in prep for natural dyes. It's getting old. I need color!

It was so much fun at your house - I loved it and wish 1) that I felt better and 2) that I didn't have to run off to a birthday party. I think it would be a great tradition to have one meeting a year at your house.

Leigh said...

I love the sherbet like colors of that roving! Yum.

I don't have any garlic planted and yours makes me wonder if I can plant some this fall. Will have to look that up!

kristi said...

I really enjoyed all of your pictures!! i love to see everyone's sheep & gardens esp. when they are located in states so far away! I love your garlic! I have yet to plant my own. And I just love all your fiber colors! Thanks for sharing:)