Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Great Weekend!

This weekend brought many wonderful and fun things to Desert Peach Farm. First after many days of thunder storms to our area we finally got some rain! Our ground is wet after many weeks of dry hot sunny weather. Now that it is wet the sheep have spent far more time on the new field they have next to us. It's cool now and they love the moist foliage to graze on. You can water from the well till your face turns blue and the grass does not grow much once the summer heat hits. After two good rains I can't believe how the grass is now out of control with new growth!

Another fun thing is a lady from California who shows her Colombian and Cotswold sheep at several shows during the summer also brings with her a show string of Shetlands she gets from her friend in California. They were short two rams so came to me for some to fill the show string. I sent my two oldest rams, only 7 weeks old with them. Another one of her friends was in Reno this weekend to attend a large sheep show and sale at the Nugget Casino. She was purchasing a Dorset ewe from the sale. Zorro and Spud went with her in a large dog crate. I never sell any body this young but with no papers I sent them off knowing that these ladies are real sheep people and would give them the care they need and deserve.
I'm promised updates on the judges comments. Their first show will be in another two weeks! So far they are responding well to their new home and the little rams mothers, Jorja and Hattie, did great with the loss of their kids at such a young age.

Becky came this weekend also for some marathon sheep and fiber talk. She came Saturday night and left Sunday afternoon. She brought a large bag of her beautiful yarn for me to look threw and take what I'd like. The picture above is some silk yarn, left and a skein of mohair on the right, now I need a pattern to knit these into something that will do them justice.
We also had a T-Party! Becky helped me band most of the ram lambs. I left two intact to watch how horns grow and use if it becomes impossible for me to get a new ram from another breeder this fall. There are loads of rams out there for sale but I'm not sure how to get them here to Reno with the budget I have to work with. Something will come up and I have back ups just in case.


Nancy K. said...

We have to find a way to get Eureka or Oreo to you.....


Sharon said...

I can hardly believe how green the valley is now, and this is just in time to ensure that our transplanted trees will thrive. It's great!

I knew that was Becky's yarn the second I saw it. No one spins as beautifully as she does.

Laura said...

I'm always willing to transport... I'll be down for Sharon & Ian's party in September, if you find something.

Kathy said...

We, too, are enjoying some lush pasture right now. I've even been able to cut back or eliminate feeding hay as the grazing is so good right now. The sheep are in heaven. :)

Beautiful skeins!