Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Grand Champion Shetland

Wooho! I've been busting at the seams waiting to blog about little Spud. I wanted to make sure I had permission to post this picture. Here he is in San Diego, California at his first big show. As a matter of fact he is the first in the 6 years I've been raising shetlands. There were 17 shetlands at the show, three ram lambs and 3 yearling rams in the ram classes. The judge was Glen Rask from Colorado. He said that Spud was "one of the most correct (shetlands) he has seen". I believe this judge has judged shetlands at the Nationals in Estes Park? I'm so not into the show circuit.
How could Spud miss. I'm told Nattee, in picture, spent two hours brushing him and polishing his horns. He even has a woolly poll not very common in my flock. I was told he was the hit of the barn. Shetlands are like little toys when they show with the big guys.
Spud is from Hattie "Who" and his sire is Cider. Both Desert Peach animals and third generation born here. Now if I can get some horns on my rams to grow right I might get some herd sires from my flock to sell!
Spud was heard saying when asked what he'll do next. "I'm going to Disneyland!"
He really will be going to a few more shows in July. This is so fun. It's like having a dog handler who takes your dog on the road. Even better when your animal shows well.


Nancy K. said...


So...FIRST of all, CONGRATULATIONS!!! You should be very proud! Spud is a beautiful ram. Obviously, very correct, as well!

But, um, er... you're really not supposed to brush Shetlands for the show ring.

Apparently, it didn't hurt in this case! ;-)


kristi said...

That is really awesome!! Congratulations! I know I would be proud too:)

Mim said...

Nancy, this lady who took my rams shows shetlands every year with her Cotswalds and Columbians and bought them to fill classes. I was surprised too that he was "fitted" like we use to do our other breeds of sheep. He does look so handsome though. I was looking forward to hearing what a judge might say about my sheep and this is what happened. Not your traditional Shetland show.

~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

I am so happy for you Mim! I know how you feel, a young girl from Reno bought one of our little ewe lambs last year and showed her in the Nugget show in May and she was awarded reserve grand champion! I was so very proud to have bred that ewe, even though I didn't really like her dam. I totally understand and know you've worked very hard to improve your flock! Congrats!

Jenny Holden said...

Big CONGRATULATIONS! You must be so proud of him :o)

To echo Nancy though: we get away with trimming any straggly bits of wool and using a little lick of hoof and horn oil, but you'd be shot for brushing a Shetland over here!

However, we do have problems when it comes to the championship classes and it happens to be a meat breed judge in charge. The meat breeds are primped and preened and our little Shetlands just look tiny and scruffy in comparison... but I like them like that :o)

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Adding my congratulations to your excellent breeding work in producing such a nice boy! (And Jenny, it's nice to hear that you get "meat breed" judges over the pond, too. I tend to think that only happens here, while THERE you have "real" judges who know our little sheep!)

Fiber Floozie said...

Way cool. Congrats. He's so cute.

Laura said...

You know, you should bring some of your sheep up to OFFF in September. The shetland judge is from England, and really knows these little guys. It would be fun to see what she thinks.


Leigh said...

Wow! Absolutely congratulations! Showing is a foreign world to me, but it's exciting.

Sharon said...

Jumping up and down and clapping hands - oh man, Mim. You have been through so much in the last 12 months and you did it. What a terrific end! Can there be any greater acknowledgment?!

Kathy said...

Oh, how wonderful, Mim! Congratulations and a solid "Good onya, mate!"!