Monday, May 18, 2009

It's a Meme

I was chosen by Sharon for a Meme to list six unimportant things that make me happy. Like Sharon says if it makes you happy it must be very important. I could use more of these things some times! So here goes.

  1. The way munchkin kitties walk with those little short legs. They wattle like Corgi's when you watch them walk away.
  2. Watching sheep graze.
  3. The smell of the heat from the wood stove, that first fire of the season.
  4. The feel of a new soft sweat shirt. (Dislike summer, looking forward to fall)
  5. Going to a guild meeting or family get-together and talking and laughing so much I'm exhausted when I get home. (a Starbucks latte helps on the way back)
  6. Listening to people talk about their passion, even more so if we share the same passion.

Ok, now for six people to spring this Meme on, or who would I like to learn more about!

  1. Becky Wish I could spin like Becky and a friend in life.
  2. Carolyn Love her beautiful pictures also a fun guild friend.
  3. Kara I'm in love with her sheep.
  4. Jenny Always fun to read her blog about her "dream" of a life.
  5. Nancy I need a Zorro in my life or at least a HST ram.
  6. Amy Wonderful projects in purple and a another guild friend.


~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

Thanks Mim :)
I wish I could felt like you! The things you make with felt are beautiful and functional, a rare gift.

Kara said...

Thanks Mim! Really you love MY sheep? That is such a HUGE complement. Thanks so much! :) I usually don't do these, but this one I will. I will have to give it some thought...

Sharon said...

Great list and I would have listed all but the munchkins since I don't have any - I just didn't think of those things. I forgot the thrill of desert peach blooming, the harbinger of Spring, though I'm with you. I'm already anticipating Fall.

Nancy K. said...

Thanks Mim! Maybe we can work out a trade ~ a ram for some of your beautiful dyed roving.......