Saturday, April 11, 2009

Camera Found

Pictures from yesterday. Yes I found the camera and it was safe and sound on the kitchen counter! At least in my forgetfulness I was careful with the camera. Ewe's on the hill.

White ewe in both these pictures is Tru. She is a yearly and not bred for this years lambings. This is the sort of fleece I've been getting after introducing some UK genetics. Enfield Greyling

Jake in a squirrel hole. Check out his fleece! Nice but no crimp!

Hattie "Who" on the lookout yesterday.

Hattie this morning!!!! And who's that? Her little ram lamb. She had given birth to him before I got out to check this morning. He was almost dry and I thought she might not be done lambing and sure enough she had a dead ewe lamb in her when I checked. Damn she was full term too. This ram will be Ag like Hattie and the ewe was different than any lamb I've had born here. Dark on her back and light brown from the front of her neck under her belly and around the inside of her legs?? Any guesses. I've never had a katmoget or gulmoget here.

Well I should be getting more lambs soon now. Several other ewe's looked like Hattie as far as udders and bums go.

Like Charlee here.


Nancy K. said...

Beautiful photos! I'm so glad that you found your camera. I lost one, due to leaving it outside in the rain, last year.

I'm so sorry you lost Hattie's little ewe lamb! Your girls sure get great exercise!

Good luck with the rest of your lambing. It looks like you have some lovely sheep!

~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

I love your place, so pretty...
I am still trying to plan a trip down, I will try to let you know when. Maybe I will get lucky and get to see new borns again this year!

Carolyn said...

Great pictures, glad you found your camera. That was quite some hole Jake was in!

Sharon said...

Your sheep look so sleek. I'm starting to think that I may have to shear my own - ugh.

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

I'm sure sorry about the ewe lamb. Your description does sound like a gulmoget, but where would that have come from?

Jenny Holden said...

Lovely photos. Sorry to hear about the little ewe lamb. I suppose gulmoget is recessive so it may have been hiding away for some time! Good lucki with the others.

MiniKat said...

Sorry to hear about the ewe lamb. :-( Hope the rest of lambing goes well.