Sunday, May 25, 2008

Shetland Lamb Pictures

Here is a group of pictures of my lambs from 2008. Starting with the first lamb born Zepher. Well first live lamb she had a brother who didn't live. Built just like her mom thick body and long fleece! Hazel is another little ewe her Mom Nana is behind her, not the one one peeing that's Oma. They all just got up from an afternoon nap! Hazel is named after Hazel Tindall a world renown knitter from the Shetland Islands. I thought the name fit! My Hazel has a very shiney pitch black fleece with little popcorn crimp!
Oh ya the little bullseye butt in the front is Jo Beth our Jack Russell herding dog and her main title is "The Verminator" keeps all squirrels, mice and pack rats in the next county! Or you die.

Limericks boys. When they were first born I said they were two black rams. Well one is brown! I call the two of them the "Right Brothers" they would be the ones I'd let stay rams if their father wasn't the guy who threw all the blind lambs in my flock. I still may keep one as a ram if I am unable to get an outside ram this year. We'll see. To prove the recessive gene theory I should repeat my line breeding but I may be too chicken!
They do not have names since it's to hard to name lambs I may not keep. And they will not be Orville or Wilbur! Charlees little boy Paco (taco). He just named himself the day he was born. The sweetest little guy in the flock. He might stay as a fiber boy, wether for my ram when I get one. His Mom has 4 pound fleeces and his Uncle K.G. (wether) has had two 5lb fleeces. I will keep my four ewe lambs this year. This is Shays ewe lamb. Shay is in the back with brother. I have one more ewe lamb Pepper but her picture didn't turn out so next time. I think this little girl needs a sweet name like Tillie but not sure yet. Siskins giant ram here with his Mom. He was an eight pounder when born and is growing leaps and bounds. He is one of the youngest lambs and the biggest of all born this year. Sofies ram. He had a tiny sister who died and he was only five pounds at birth. He is still very small of all the boys!

Some rams.


Sharon said...

Boy, you can see why innocence and lambs go together. Sweet~

Leigh said...

What wonderful photos! And what yummy fleece colors. I could enjoy looking at them all day.

Garrett808 said...

Hey I FINALLY found your blog! You were hard to track down!

I like your lambs! I can't believe how many gray/Ag lambs you got! did that just kind of happen or do you like spinning that color up? I have a few (three) Ag ewes in my flock, a musket and two grays